I was told to draw this for 300 so I dID

I can’t BEAR ALL THESE feels for these followers

I cAN BEARLY believe it

It’s unBEARable



Anyway tHANK YOU, I really hope to keep pleasing you all
And sorry I’m not sO Active I’ll tRy Making up to ya’ll some how 

((A Answer trade with a good friend of mines; http://ask-a-mal.tumblr.com/ 

I must insist that you follow! Wonderful askblog~

Edit; still up to do some answer trade things with other askblogs!~))

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Shy guy fact

Zeus Guys are sub-species of Bandits that appear in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, where they throw balls of energy at Yoshi. Their name comes from Zeus, the Greek god known for hurling thunderbolts at people. Yoshi cannot eat them, and jumping on them, or throwing an egg at them stuns them temporarily. Yoshi can only defeat Zeus Guys with a Super Red WatermelonSpecial Blue Watermelon, or POW Block. They are usually found in groups of two. If Yoshi gets too close, within the maximum range of their balls of energy, they will kick or punch Yoshi.

 Shy Guys