I decided to re-Draw my most viewed deviant art submission cause well why not, man it’s been a long time, click on full high-rez yo it’s a large picture
no transparent background cause smoke wouldn’t be seen with tumblrs whitepostbackground boo

Heeey guys, it’s been a long time, so I figured it’d be about the time to update with some shy guy art I did, uhhh I’m so sorry I’ve been inactive
I haven’t forgotten about you guys I promise; ;

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"huh don’t remember approving any sort of construction near the toy box

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Anonymous said: Pssst. Open your Submit box.

WELL aLrighty
Submit box for AskaShyGuy is now open!
Can’t waIt to sEe what wE get 

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doodly doodly oodly doo



[Looks like anon already has the upper hand]

Flash answer 2.

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As for Birdo’s gender, well it was never a thing brought up we also referred to birdo as well birdo, it didn’t really matter to us anyhow!

((Also made this using flash, going to do a couple more using flash then you can tell me if you guys like how they look like this or if I should go back to the old format.))

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Hello my name is Kris and I’m finally opening up commissions after seven thousand years.

My motive: I need cash not only for bills but also I haven’t seen my friends or family in three years and you know what? I NEED TO AMEND THIS.

What will I draw: Whatever you want, sweetcheeks! I will draw the line at child pornography (ew gross dude what’s up with that) and pretty much anything I don’t agree with (which isn’t a lot because I am a sleaze bag)

How much am I charging: Preferably $20 with a $1 charge for each additional character. But we can negotiate prices!!

How long will you take: I admit, I’m pretty slow when it comes to commissions. But this is my first priority as of right now, and I promise I will keep you updated on your commission via small previews! (I will watermark it, send you a final sketch just to make sure you are happy with it, if it needs any adjustments to your liking, etc etc)

Examples of work: Here are sketches, from traditional to digital (line art, color, etc)











Other examples of work can be provided upon request (if these didn’t do any justice)

Contact information: (paypal)

My ask box is open, as well as fanmail. MY personal email is (the paypal email is my husbands, PLEASE refrain from emailing him)

Please provide reference sheets of a character and some personality traits (i.e, “hey this is my character she’s a snob and hates everyone” “oh okay i’ll draw her sneering and flipping someone off cool”)

And yeah! I would appreciate it you guys! UwU

Help my friend out!!

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